Environmental, Social and Governance

At Mr. Cooper Group, we are committed to creating a world where everyone can feel at home. That means holding ourselves to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and responsible business practices.

Management of Environmental Risks and Opportunities

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Keeping the dream of homeownership alive starts with protecting our planet. We conduct our business in a way that is mindful of its environmental impact, and we anticipate the needs of our customers in our quickly changing world.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion 

Diversity, equity and inclusion is the foundation of a healthy culture. We are committed to fostering a workplace where every team member can flourish — and giving them the tools and resources to help their communities thrive.

Our Commitment to Responsible Business Practices 

We do things the right way, even when it’s hard. We believe strong, value-driven governance isn’t just what’s best for our customers, team members, and shareholders — it’s what’s best for our world.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Human Rights Policy


ESG Policy