Xome®, the leading end-to-end provider of real estate services, today introduced its Xome Xpert Seller Program, which provides options for borrowers affected by the pandemic and unable to reinstate their mortgage. Through this program, servicers can connect their borrowers with real estate professionals and guide them through the marketing and sales process of their home, leveraging Xome’s auction platform. Additionally, the program offers homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of cost savings while ensuring a smooth transition throughout the process.


Today, roughly 2.1 million homeowners are currently enrolled in forbearance and are at risk of foreclosure due to the economic impact brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. As forbearance periods expire and servicers prepare for the impact of defaulted loans, Xome’s Xpert Seller Program gives servicers a way to help homeowners and provide the necessary resources, including access to Xome’s online auction marketplace, to navigate the process of selling their home.


“For homeowners coming to the end of their forbearance plan who know they won’t be able to make payments, we want them to know that they have options and that they can control what comes next,” said Mike Rawls, CEO of Xome. “We’ve made it our job to work with servicers to provide homeowners with alternative solutions, to offer them the opportunity to sell their home and hopefully retain their equity. Our mission is to empower them with the options and resources they need to navigate this challenging time.” 


While Xpert Seller benefits homeowners who choose to participate, it also benefits buyers, mortgage servicers, real estate agents as well as the surrounding communities. For buyers, the program increases housing supply where there has been a shortage in the marketplace while enabling mortgage servicers to more effectively and proactively manage credit loss. Pre-foreclosure sales also benefit neighborhoods by limiting the number of vacant properties, which can bring down surrounding home values.


Resources available with Xpert Seller by Xome include:


  • Access to Xome.com, a leading online real estate and auction marketplace
  • An MLS Portfolio Search/Match Analysis
  • National real estate agent network and oversight
  • Borrower outreach programs to right party contact (borrowers must provide express authorization prior to first Xome outreach)
  • Occupancy verification
  • Property inspection & valuation
  • Timeline management (specifically, HUD’s Pre-Foreclosure Sale program)
  • Borrower contact best practices (scripted communication with homeowners who have chosen to opt into the program by trained and experienced professionals)
  • Mobile CRM application between Xome and Xome agent panel


For more information on Xome’s Xpert Seller program please visit click here.  


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